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3 things to know before cracking your next job interview

by Capt. Samarth Singh on December 11th, 2020

When was the last time you were at battle with yourself trying to figure out what to wear for your next interview; perhaps a lucky colour? Or perhaps the dilemma that bothered you the most was whether or not to ask for an incremented CTC?

Either way, here are 3 things to remember before diving into that upcoming, all-important interview.

1. Arrive Early

At the risk of sounding clichéd, arriving early doesn’t just tell the HR Team you are serious about the job, it actually also serves a biological purpose. Research has told us time and again that human beings suffer lapses in judgment under stress. Stress mitigation is fast making its way into many professions and the results are unquestionable. The next time you show up for an interview, try giving yourself a healthy bit of time to just wait and do nothing while you de-stress yourself at the visitor’s lounge; get your heart rate down, recharge and then dive right into that interview.

2. Look positive, feel like a million bucks!

While a sob story may melt a few hearts it does little to influence decisions relating to job competency. A positive attitude on the other hand often tells the interviewer that the candidate is the kind of person who is open to learning, accepting new ideas and being a team player. So dress sharp and feel positive; wear a smile and connect with the interviewer in a way that tells him you are a person who is looking forward to this job if you nail it, and looking forward to exploring the next job interview if you don’t.

3. Understand that the HR team is hiring a potential ‘colleague’

This is probably the most underrated, but the most important area of the interviewer’s goal set a candidate should be cognisant of. While an interviewer is required to check professional competency, past experience, general behaviour and suitability for the job at hand, it is the interview’s paramount responsibility to be able to successfully hire a future ‘colleague.’ The instant you go from being a candidate to a ‘selected candidate’ you become a colleague and from this point onwards, the HR Team will expect you to engage with them as their colleague. You are now part of the team. So try to be approachable and come across as a potential employee who is amicable and easy to work with. A CV that shines may just be inadequate when paired with an individual who chooses to come across as excessively introverted or rigid. There isn’t an exact science or a rule book to figure out this balance, perhaps the best piece of advice would be to just keep it real and be yourself!

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