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by lara on June 10th, 2014

About Us: 

A Top Ranking IT Solutions Company : 

PCS Tech, since its inception in 1983 has built a global footprint for itself with 22 offices strategically spread across the world. At PCS Tech, our business is innovation driven wherein we assess, understand and improve our client’s business and the processes within with simple and workable technology based solutions. Our solutions not only improve client side productivity but endeavour to do so at a very affordable price point, both development and maintenance wise.

Focus on Customer Delight

Innovation with technology and the changes the solutions lead to have a way of simplifying mundane, rather difficult to manage tasks. At PCS Tech, we make it our priority to identify redundant areas in our client’s business process and make them fun to deal with using our solutions.  We have achieved significant results keeping our services ‘Customer Delight’ centric and testimony of this lies in our pool of Fortune 500 clients who have chosen us time and again.

Partnering with Global Leaders

In keeping with our goal to be a well rounded technology firm thats up to speed with current standards, we at PCS Technology feel it imperative to build strategic alliances with industry leaders. This helps us offer a more matured service pool while improving geographical reach as well.


Vision & Mission:


It is our Vision at PCS Tech to emerge as one of the top 5 information technology service providers in the world, a company that focusses on unique solutions and services while staying competitive and offering continuous improvements on an on-going basis. While offering market leading solutions, it is our intention to continue to stay a knowledge and learning oriented organisation, to expand our abilities by empowering and education our human resource pool, the new generation human essence of PCS Tech.

Mission: Building Commitment | Recognition 

Our mission as a team is to focus on small steps that win over our client’s confidence and nurture faith. Our solutions and services are strong, intertwined with our values make for an ideal model of commitment. PCS Tech has in the past and continues to strive at bagging key accolades and awards that add value to our services and strengthen our position to achieve our Vision.


Key Differentiators:

PCS Tech is focussed on solutions and services relating to information technology. That is a job we take very seriously and all of our efforts are essentially aimed at improving our influence and effectiveness in this area of business. Since 1983 with over 32 years of experience we have emerged as India’s 3rd largest IT service provider. Having been listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 1998 we boast of over 1000+ satisfied customers. PCS Tech is backed with the coveted ISO 9001:2008 quality certification. Our overseas presence in the US, Europe, Australia and the Middle East along with an extensive service network of 450+ locations in India make us unmatched in our service reach potential.



Apart from the various formal measures the management of PCS Tech believes in, within the quality sphere, we constantly arrange refresher courses and short training modules for employees to keep in sync with advancements. The management of PCS Tech believes in nurturing team spirit among staff and tackling client side requirements while keeping in mind a wider perspective (project wise). Our ISO 9001:2008 certification compels us to undertake regular internal and periodic external audits to ensure processes are being followed as per published manuals and SOPs.



Infrastructure Management Services (IMS): 

Remote Support Center:

The IT Infrastructural requirements that today’s business demands can be overwhelming. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that troubleshooting is far more essential to master than the process itself. Our Remote Support Centre is based on the Detect, Interpret, Notify and Perform principle. The single point service desk is capable of handling work orders and all customers are given a single point of contact for their troubleshooting or service related needs. Customers are given an easy-to-understand user interface cum dashboard which tells them the overall health of services provided including reporting of problem areas. (Map not included in content) 

Workplace Support:

Consider a workplace with several hundred nodes / computers speaking to each other over a local network. There are many ways to achieve this framework, all differently poised for different applications and uses. PCS Tech focuses on end user requirements by assessing your technology needs and determining what is best for your organisation. We assess your workplace IT framework, identify problem areas and endeavour to eliminate them with more intelligent and better planned IT infrastructures. Our Workplace Support solution ultimately saves a lot in terms of money and time and ensures minimum downtime which boosts productivity.

Data Center Services: 

A Data Center requires accessibility, redundancy, security and a bullet proof user interface to make retrieval and storage as simple as possible. Companies are increasingly getting into decentralising their data off individual employee systems and moving it to a more secure, easily manageable location. At PCS Tech, we have had extensive experience in designing and maintaining data centres for some fairly large companies. These data centres have not only simplified the data access process but also improved equipment life owing to decentralising of data access load and reduced data theft owing to stringent security measures both physically and over the network.

Managed Maintenance Services:

Our equipment maintenance service is aimed at reducing the confusion and mismanagement that arises from dealing with multiple vendors. Furthermore, it cuts down instances of hardware and software piracy given that PCS tech deals only with OEM Hardware and Software.

Since we are empowered at one end only to handle all your IT real estate, our maintenance service enables us to pre-empt possible issues and troubleshoot the same before time and productivity is lost.

Our well spread network of service centres across 180 locations ensures we are never inaccessible during an emergency. PCS Tech’s Managed Maintenance services allows our customers to concentrate on their core business while leaving all their Hardware and Software service issues to us.


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