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Android OS Cross-Platform Development

by lara on October 30th, 2013

Not very long ago, technology faced us with a grave challenge. Running a website seamlessly on multiple platforms was thought of as a herculean task, but nevertheless, we overcame. Our mobile devices today not only run these websites across multiple platforms, but are actually able to transfer settings and preferences as well.

Today however, the challenge is cross platform application development. Two of the forerunners are Google’s Android OS and Apple’s IOS with Windows and Nokia trying to push through their own Operating Systems now and then. So far, developers have been creating a app native for any one of the Operating Systems and then adapting it for different environments. This is time consuming and exhaustive, especially in the debugging phase.

With the advent of Cross Platform Development tools like Xamarin and Icenium, this issue should soon be long gone. These tools allow for a developer to seamlessly create applications across multiple platforms by programming for just one of the environments, say Android. Almost all of these tools require you to program in C#.

While solutions exist for Android OS Cross Platform Development, there still are a significant number of coders who oppose this development stating it isn’t fool proof. That being said, unless mobile device manufacturers arrive at a consensus on the kind of framework they use, Cross Platform Development tools are here to stay!

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