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Travel Kerala in India

by Capt. Samarth Singh on July 20th, 2012

India is huge and given today’s fast paced world clubbed with the time constraints, it may not be possible to traverse all of the land in one go. HybridTravels helps you plan a short and well times getaway to Kerala, a state small enough to cover given limited time in hand, but large enough to offer an average western traveler a host of entertaining activities and memories to last a lifetime! Along the Arabian coast of India lies a beautiful natural creation, what earlier was just a novice destination has developed into a bustling tourist spot with loads in the offering flanked with the western ranges on one side, the Arabian sea on the other and filled with lagoons and backwaters. The natural vegetation makes for a beautiful sight! One of the biggest advantages of travel in India and more so travel to a state like Kerala is the fact that most Indian states are reasonably sized, some being the size of an entire European nation. So the weather and the sheer expanse of activity is bewildering! Some of the places worth visiting in Kerala include the sunny, sandy beaches of Kovalam and the lagoons at Veli. Ancient temples pristinely preserved await you at Kerala and are strewn at convenient distances so irrespective which part of Kerala you’re in, there’s a lot to see. Kerala’s medicine and ayurvedic therapies put an average city side spa to shame so for the westerner looking to rejuvenate after a long stint at work, this is the place to be. Looking for something semi-adventurous, rent a houseboat and sail the backwaters for days on end while you enjoy and savor authentic Keralite cuisine on board. On board, you witness pristine environment comparable to nothing less than the South American Amazon River. Kerala is a state we are very well versed with and recommend it to all cadre of travelers alike. Whether you’re traveling with family, fiancé or solo, Kerala has a lot of traditional goodies to offer a westerner. Definitely something worth putting on the bucket list, after all, where else in the world do you get to experience ‘God’s own country’ except, right here in India!

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