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Hair Styling, Tattoos and more …

by Capt. Samarth Singh on January 16th, 2012

Anthony and Joanne formulated their dream into a reality, and that’s when Studio Nine was born. A European-styled tattoo and hair parlour located in the heart of Navi Mumbai, this place promises you much more than just a mere haircut or tattoo – a heady ‘cloud nine’ feeling, that will have you coming back for more! Here’s an interview with Team Studio Nine …

When did you conceptualize Studio Nine?

Joanne and I had both dreamed individually of having our own set up for quite some time. We have been friends for several years. We trust each other and work well together, which is the basis of any partnership. A few months ago, a casual talk turned into a full-blown discussion and we decided to pool our talents into a business partnership. Our dream materialized and here we are!

Why Navi Mumbai? Was it just to save costs or does the crowd appeal?

Navi Mumbai definitely has the crowd. Studio Nine now offers them a salon experience that they would earlier travel to town for! Besides, this has been our home for quite a few years now. We couldn’t think of a better place to start!

What kind of clients have you been receiving so far?

All kinds of clients walk in to check out the studio because it is unique in its design and visually very appealing. Several of our former clientele have come in for services; we have had walk-ins converted to actual service experiences and recommendations from those who have experienced our services. On the whole, we have already dazzled our existing and potential clientele with the high level of integrity they receive in their individualized consultations and services that follow.

Tattoos are a very competitive market nowadays, given that parlours are literally all over the place. How do you price your service given this scenario?

Competition is relative to expertise and most of our clients are recommendations from those who have experienced my services. Joash Manning, the owner of Zync Design, has personally designed the interiors of this place. The feel is very ‘French’. My clients pay for these eye-catching aesthetics, high quality, hygiene, and safety, so the competition is dealt with deftly.

What kind of quality assurances do you offer?

Hygiene is of prime importance. We choose our inks and colours with exceptional caution and all our equipments are specially imported from the US with certified FDA ratings. We only use industry level products that comply with the International Safety Standards. Of course, all our equipments for every tattoo are disposable, maintaining our clients’ safety and hygiene as our topmost priority.

What services do you offer? What should a customer look forward to at Studio Nine?

In the Tattoo section, we do permanent tattoos and also take care of covering up old, messed up tattoos with fresh new ones. In the Hair section, we offer all kinds of services for hair including cuts, styling, makeovers and restyling.

Having said this, Studio Nine is not a place to merely get a tattoo or hair service. The experience leaves you with a lingering feeling like you’re on Cloud Nine, the inspiration behind our brand’s name. You will definitely keep coming back for more.

Studio Nine is located at Sector -29 in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Call them on :

+91 98334 14197 | +91 98194 66066


  1. panks permalink

    WooohoOOO Great good going guyz you have alllllllllllllllllllllLL my best wishes wid you !!! :D

  2. Sagar permalink

    I must say that Anthony is a very Creative Tattoo Artist … I personally recommend him as I’ve got one from him which is a marvelous one … !

  3. Sonali Zade permalink

    I got my first tattoo here at Studio 9… and i absolutely love it and those who have seen it wish to get one too… one of my friend actually got one within a fortnight and both of us are big Anthony fans…. The whole experience was AWESOME!!! Anthony helped make my dream tattoo come true with all the efforts he put into from customizing the design to final touches… i could have not asked for anything better…. And now i am planning up for a second tattoo… :) ..At the studio there is another welcoming element and that is Joanne (with her calming Buddha smile) and i am so looking forward to getting some “Hair-Style” time with her….


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