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A Solo Trip to India – The Lowdown

by Capt. Samarth Singh on January 11th, 2012

Whether you’re the avid adventure-seeking fellow, or a tentative beginner, travelling solo is something that every traveller must experience once in his lifetime. And when the destination in mind is India, you know you’re in for a delightful treat.

That, India is a mesmerizing country, is a gross understatement. Whether it’s trekking up the icy slopes of the magnificent Himalayas, rafting down a rapid, rappelling down a cliff or going on a jeep safari, we at Hybrid Travels guarantee you an unforgettable experience that you shall cherish for the better part of your life.

Often, aspiring backpackers are wary of traveling alone and wonder if flying solo (no pun intended) is the right thing to do. With packages as economical as ours, and add to that the company of our well-versed tour managers, which first-timer would not be tempted to give it a shot?

Paragliding clubs are available in droves in various states like Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal and Rajasthan. Irrespective of whether you’re a novice para glider or one who has already explored the heavenly skies, there is not a better place in the world to take to the skies than in India. Thanks to relaxed air-space restrictions, a few clubs offer drop zones at close to 10,000 feet! The sheer thrill will have you coming back for more. Don’t tell us we didn’t warn you!

Does skiing through scenic snowscapes define your idea of a vacation spent perfectly? Then, the period of mid December to mid March is the ideal time for you to be in India. Hill Stations like Kulu and Rotang Pass in Himachal Pradesh offer vast natural slopes with plenty of ski-equipments for rent and truly economical spot instructors. An experienced skier would know that for this fast-paced adventure sport, the perfect combination of pleasure and economic relief can be found best in North India.

Intending to travel to India and haven’t planned on experiencing the Camel Safaris in Rajasthan? Unpardonable. The surreal weather in Rajasthan finds an interpretation in every traveller’s unique experience. A stark contrast between the chilly nights and the dry days – one needs to spend just a day here to appreciate its beauty. Though, keeping your comfort levels in mind, Camel Safaris are organized in the winters.

May to November marks the water rafting season in India. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the river rafting in Ladakh. The Ganges, too, is yet another hotspot to unleash the water-baby in you!

HybridTravels understands the single traveller’s mindset well. Whether it’s taking a flight, booking a train or hopping on to a cruise bike, be rest assured that we shall take care of it.

We consolidate our efforts to transform your reluctance on traveling alone to a far-off country to a memory you’ll treasure for a lifetime!  You’re here to take time off your busy, mundane lives and briefly live life on the edge, you’re here to feel the adrenaline surge through you and we’re here just to see that this desire materializes perfectly for you.

Count on us to help you create a memory.

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