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A Shit Burger!

by Capt. Samarth Singh on June 21st, 2011

21.06.2011 : When the Tokyo Sewage Department asked Professor Mitsuyuki Ikeda to make better user of the city’s waste and sewage, he really took this somewhere with his newest creation, the Shit Burger. The name translates to exactly what it is. A burger made of human waste.

Professor Ikeda and his team figured out that human waste was filled with protein owing to the bacteria content and managed to isolate it, treat it with color and soy. Testers claimed it tasted delicious! Professor Ikeda’s been getting quite a lot of flak given his socially rather absurd creation.

Boil it down to facts and we give him a 8 on 10. Agreed at 10 times the cost at the moment and the sheer repulsive nature of the idea, most people may find it disgusting, but the man DID manage to find a way to deal with the issue the Sewage Dept brought up. Maybe, some day, under different circumstances, it may just come down to this!

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