Last Updated on : 12th Feb 2019

As part of it’s various Brand Identity Management services, Hybrid Content offers Content Writing across several products like Brochures, Websites, Pamphlets, Flex Hoardings, Business Cards, PVC Visiting Cards, Content Management Systems and Corporate Profiles. These are just a few of many text content based products that have been listed on our services page. We wish to convey that all text content created by Hybrid Content in no way reflects Hybrid Content’s point(s) of view or the point(s) of view of it’s owner and employees. Views expressed and the authenticity of information presented is the sole responsibility of the company/client for whom the website has been created. Furthermore, Hybrid Content places various images, photographs and pictures on the various products we offer for which Hybrid Content assumes no responsibility. As a matter of principle, Hybrid Content instructs all it’s clients on the laws concerning theft of intellectual property and misuse of copyright protected images. Hybrid Content also advises all its clients to purchase images from trusted royalty free image websites that sell images for a license fee. Any misuse of pictures on a website, brochure or any other designed product created by Hybrid Content is in no way, Hybrid Content’s responsibility.

Hybrid Content does not guarantee any of its websites against cyber pranks, information theft or hack attempts whether failed or successful.

”’Hybrid Content”’ and its logo is the registered trademark of Hybrid Content (Sole Proprietorship) India vide certificate # 1176887 issued by the Trade Marks Registry of India. The same may be verified via e-mail on cs.hybridcontent [at] gmail [dot] com