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The Montreal Beer Festival

Beer festivals, unlike wine festivals, are not as enthused about. However, if you ask a true beer lover what the ultimate destination for beer tasting is, more often than not the response is, ‘The Mondial de la Bière’ in Montreal. This translates to ‘The Montreal Beer Festival,’ which is held at Montreal, Quebec. The self proclaimed slug for the festival, as put by Montreal Beer Festival loyalists is to restore beer to its rightful and noble place, by offering the general public an opportunity to taste beer from five continents, while encouraging responsible consumption.

The ten-day festival is by far the most successful beer festival in North America and one of the biggest in the world. Attracting around 85,000 patrons every year, the Montreal Beer Festival is well on its way to becoming the number one in the world since it already is the biggest beer fest in North America. The Montreal Beer Festival debuted in 1994 and since then, beer festival enthusiasts have patronized it to taste over 500 different beers, ciders and other products at the Windsor Station and Courtyard, the Montreal Beer Fest's traditional venue. The Montreal Beer Festival boasts not only of beer tasting but also educational beer making workshops, professional issues and more, to cater for a holistic feel to the festival. Besides plenty of beers from Canada and the United States, it sports other options from around the world. France—a country more known for its grape juice—sports a few of its finest brews at the Montreal Beer Festival. The seminars, which have been held for the past few years alongside the beer fest have been a huge success among patrons as they finally get to figure out what it is that makes their favorite brews taste so good. The workshops that are organized at the Montreal Beer Festival are usually put together by the experts who are part of the Montreal Beer School. So, one can actually become a Beerologist, learn how to smell, taste and know the brews by the basics. Here’s the fun bit; the festival is free of admission fees which lets you enter the premises without any charge barring the modestly priced tasting coupons. Each tasting coupon at the Montreal Beer Festival costs a dollar. The minimum you have to shell out to taste a beer is one coupon and up to five for some. So, if you want to sample Scottish brew at one of the world’s biggest beer fests all you have to shell out is 5 bucks on the outer side. Each tasting coupon buys you 2-3 ounces of beer, so be careful, don’t get tipsy before you try all your other favorite brands of brew. Also, the optional Beer Fest tasting glass costs 8 dollars, some festival goers prefer the glass as it avoids the disposable glass litter that you usually see at a beer fest. There’s much more to Montreal Beer Festival, this article though, ends here! Drive safe.

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