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University Grants Commission says IIPM is Fake!

August 24th 2010: The University Grants Commission on August 24th 2010 in a press release clearly stated that the Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) is not a University within the purview of its rules and that their MBA/BBA/BCA degrees are not accredited. They claim itís a fake university.

IIPM was founded in 1973. The road so far for Professor Arindam Chaudhuriís IIPM has been pretty bumpy with quite a few court rulings on the matter. IIPM had, in 2008 also agreed to advertise their programmes as ĎCertificate Courses.í They then tried to get the University of Buckingham to recognize and accredit their programmes, a move that didnít work.

IIPM maintains well structured campuses across the country and signed Shah Rukh Khan as its brand ambassador, a move appreciated and rebuked alike. Evidently so, film stars arenít convincing enough when it comes to endorsing a B-School and where IIPM goes from here is yet to be seen. So far over 4000 students hold post-graduate degrees from IIPM and the school's status as of August 24th is 'Private, Unaccredited.'

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