Meet your Brand Manager

Having worked as a journalist and thereon for various content firms, Samarth Singh formed Hybrid Content in 2006 which today serves close to 250 entities world wide.He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration, has won several national level awards for technology, and has featured in many journals and publications. He holds various Professional Certifications including a Brainbench certification in Web Designing and is a Germanischer Llyod certified ISO 9001 / ISM Internal Auditor. Samarth has also been featured in the Stanford Who’s Who Black Book of 2010. He is competent in 3 very distinct but connected verticals namely Marketing and Ad Content, Design and Print Solutions.In 2012, Samarth was among 10 Indian Professionals to be invited by the Spanish Government to improve business ties between India and Spain and to gain a better understanding of the Spanish business arena. Samarth is also an Airline pilot with a large Indian Airline as of 2018. 

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